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Sherman Architecture is a small practice specializing in thoughtful modern design. We combine a solid understanding of our Client’s needs and desires with specifics of space and place to create inspiring architectural concepts.  Our work integrates natural and manufactured materials to form unique settings that enhance essential qualities.   We explore opportunities for innovation in planning and design to optimize project sustainability.  We work closely with Clients and trusted builders to stay on budget and maintain the highest standard of care during construction.


We believe architecture is a cultural pursuit as well as a practical one.  Our creative approach draws inspiration from specific conditions rather than a preconceived aesthetic agenda.  We measure success by the satisfaction imparted to the lives lived in our buildings.


Emi Omura Sherman


Emi Omura became a Dottore Architetto at the Istituto Universitario di Architettura di Venezia (IUAV) in 1994. After receiving her diploma and European License in 1995, Emi relocated to San Francisco with her husband, Architect Wright Sherman, and spent 6 years working for some of the Bay Area’s finest architectural firms specializing in high-end residential projects.  Motivated by her desire to work directly with clients on their projects from start to finish, Emi co-founded Sherman Architecture in 2001.


Born and raised in Italy, Emi was nurtured by a creative family.  Her Grandfather, Egidio Costantini, founded the legendary glass-art movement in Venice known as the La Fucina Degli Angeli, with whom Emi has collaborated on numerous works and exhibitions worldwide.  Emi was also encouraged early-on by her father (a Japanese+Italian Architect) to study architecture -- combining her innate attention to detail, form, and materials with a developing appreciation of functional design and the creative process. Emi lives in Kensington with her husband and their two sons.


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